A guide on how to play a character under the influence of drugs. I actually did this for myself a few months ago, it was sitting in a word document. I just found it, so I figured I’d share it with all of you because it helped me and it covers a lot of “street” drugs that I personally don’t use. I don’t condone using them either, and this is for writing purposes only. That is all. [graphic credit]

Before I start, just know that ALL of this was prewritten in a document. Anything in first point of view is not actually from my perspective, but someone else’s.


The feeling (or rather, multitude of feelings) that comes on after smoking weed. The sensations you feel when you’re high are hard to describe, but I’ll try to tackle each one individually since it’s such a wonderful thing that everyone should experience at some point. Keep in mind that these descriptions are based only on my personal experiences (and possibly some I’ve heard from friends). The high varies from person to person but it’s pretty much always enjoyable.


1. The euphoria (A feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.). In my mind, euphoria doesn’t really describe being high since if you’ve never gotten high you don’t really know what people mean by euphoria. My first time experiencing euphoria (wasn’t actually my first time smoking weed) was one of the best moments of my life. I had already smoked a shitload of weed, gone for a long walk with some friends, and returned to a friends house. I was crashing and decided to smoke some more. Lying on my friend’s couch, I suddenly had this overwhelming feeling of bliss. For no particular reason, I just muttered over and over again - “I feel soooo good right now.” 

2. Deep/introspective thinking. While the experience is different for everyone, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I think deeply, philosophically, or introspectively while I’m high. Rather, when I start to think, I go into a sort of trance where I know what’s going on around me, but I don’t exactly process any of it. I am completely focused on my thoughts. I guess it’s almost like tripping. If you ever get an experience like this, immediately listen to Phish. 

3. Increased appreciation for music and senses in general. Depending on the setting, type of weed, and the music, the appreciation you feel can differ, but it’s always awesome. Sometimes, you simply recognize the skill and talent required to compose the music you’re listening to. Other times, you sort of twitch and move to the music unconsciously until it sort of feels like you’re part of the music. When you start doing that weird, amazing thinking I described, listening to a good band can take you into a dreamworld. This is really indescribable, partly because it’s such a foreign feeling and partly because you probably won’t remember most of this experience once you sober up. Other senses are also more sensitive when high - touch, smell, taste. One interesting note - busting a nut while high is a great feeling. 

4. Laughter. When you’re high, things are just generally funnier. However, a specific sort of humor (which may vary depending on person) usually makes you just completely laugh uncontrollably. When high, some things are just so ridiculous, you find them absolutely hysterical.

5. Relaxation. Sometimes, weed will not relax you but just make you experience the above effects intensely. However, many strains of marijuana sort of make you relax. This is because when you’re high, you often get this feeling that if you stand up, some invisible force pulls you back down, forcing you to sit or lie down. Once down again, it feels like your body is melting into the surface on which you’re resting. It’s pretty neat.

6. Other. Even when they’re not high, many stoners simply enjoy life more. After experiencing a really good high, you will generally just appreciate the beauty of the world more profoundly. This might not happen very often for all I know, but it has happened to me. 


1. The munchies. The severity of the hunger you feel while high varies from person to person. For me, it’s almost intolerable, almost painful. The munchies are weird because the hunger you feel is not normal. You feel incredibly empty and the thought of eating seems wonderful to you, even if you’ve already eaten. Furthermore, when you’re high, food tastes REALLY good. I suggest chicken wings and/or Double Stuf Oreos. I also advise drinking carbonated drinks when you’re REALLY stoned as the feeling of little bubbles exploding in your mouth is incredible. 

2. Bloodshot eyes. The severity of this symptom varies, but usually your eyes just get really red. The only downside to this is that it makes it pretty easy to tell whether or not someone is high. In addition, your eyelids just sort of refuse to open fully sometimes. 

3. Slowness. This is partly a result of the relaxation. Since you always feel like you’re being pulled down, moving is hard and takes concentration sometimes. 

4. Drymouth. Smoking weed makes your mouth really dry. It’s not dangerous, but if you’re inexperienced or the high is intense, you might think that your throat is closing up even if it’s not. Just drink something - it’ll calm you down and taste delicious. 

5. Hallucinations. This has never happened to me, so I can’t really comment, but you probably need to eat cannabis to get this effect and, even then, I think it’s still pretty rare. Don’t expect to trip balls (like with LSD) or anything though, even if you do hallucinate. 

6. Altered sense of time. While high, time usually seems to slow down. Although this is listed as a neutral effect, it could be considered positive since it makes the high seems like it’s lasting longer than it really is. 

7. Short-term memory loss. Although this may seem like a bad thing, it only lasts for a little while, maybe even not lasting through the whole high. It can also be kinda cool since when you forget what you were talking about sometimes you see cool visuals in your head of the thought flying away or something (that always happens to me). 


Although being high is amazing, there are occasionally negative effects. None of these are too bad, but they’re unpleasant nonetheless. 

1. Anxiety. This is the most common negative effect of marijuana. Anxiety can occur as a result of inexperience, too much experience, bad weed, or a poor setting. Basically, you just feel really nervous and anxious, but this always passes if you move into a more comfortable setting.

2. Paranoia. This is usually the result of the anxiety, but oftentimes, you may find that you believe everyone is watching you or that you have a spy. This feeling will pass so long as you are with friends if you just relax and think about pleasant things. 

3. Other. There are other negative effects, but none of them are very serious at all and usually appear far worse if you experience the anxiety of paranoia mentioned above. 

4. Crashing. The high from marijuana only lasts a few hours (although it may seem like longer) and the come-down can be quick to appear. After the high completely wears off, you may feel pretty groggy for a few hours. This will pass, though. 

"Speed" (Amphetamine) --

What is speed? Speed is amphetamine, a stimulating drug that triggers the brain’s reward system giving the user feelings of pleasure. Speed also goes by the street names “Ice, Crystal meth and Shabu” 2 The drug works using Dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is used in all matters of the brain from learning to attentiveness. However, the most prominent usage of dopamine is to incite the brain’s reward system. Dopamine is released in the brain naturally when people eat, drink and have sex. Dopamine is released into the synaptic space in between the pre and postsynaptic neurons. Here is where speed comes in.

Speed’s goal (Speed doesn’t really have a goal it merely exists, but this is the reason people use it) is to trigger a buildup of Dopamine. Speed first enters the Terminal Button in one of several ways. Speed is very similar on a molecular level to Dopamine so Speed can enter the Dopamine transporter or speed can diffuse into the neuron. The amphetamine then expels the dopamine out into the synaptic space. It does this through a process that forces the Dopamine transporters to go in reverse. Under natural circumstances Dopamine is brought back into the terminal button through the Dopamine reuptake pumps. These pumps do not work as well when speed is present in the brain and the Dopamine remains longer as a result. “Speed also inhibits monoamine oxydase A (MAO-A).” Speed also forces glutamate to come into the synaptic space. The result of this is dopamine will flow more easily. 

The effects people notice with amphetamines make it clear why the drug has earned the name speed. Speed makes everything go faster. When on the drug, which can be taken in forms of powder, pills and injections, “your heart rate… blood pressure and movements all increase in speed.” 2 It also makes sleep difficult. The size of the user’s pupils increase and weight loss becomes easier. While the user is “high” off the drug he or she can expect “to feel good, be more willing to take risks and be excited” and speed is addicting.

Street Names: 

Fet, Powder, White, Whizz, Fettle, Throttle and Base (and various other slang names that are made up by people because they sound catchy) 


Psychomotor Stimulant 


Can vary, usually £10 a gram but if your dealer isn’t a complete dick head he should make it cheaper the more you buy off him. 


Often sold as a white/yellow powder, once cut it’s a paste and always seems stronger when fresh, it drys to powder if left a day or two. (Also sold in tablet form) 

Method of taking: There’s a few ways of taking this drug, it just depends what you have at hand.


The time you take to come up can vary. it can take 20 - 45 min if you dab or bomb it, almost instant if you inject, smoke or snort it. It can make the user feel a bit nauseous but that doesn’t last long, the user starts to feel euphoric and talkative with an unbelievable energy upgrade, you can walk for miles (and other constructive exercises) and not feel a thing, you do everything faster which spins everyone around. It also gives the user Insomnia and you can go days without the desire to sleep. You no longer feel the need for food and that loss of appetite can last until the end of the come down. You can make it last as long as you want if you have the powder to keep you going, but when you stop you should start to come down about 4 - 6 hours later, the come down is basically like a hangover and the extent of them can also vary, the user would feel drained and depressed.

Some of speed’s effects: increased energy, nervousness, shaking or trembling, dilated pupils, Euphoria, anxiety, stress, increase in focus, racing thoughts, increased sex drive, insomnia, restlessness, body aches, dry mouth, complete loss of appetite, grinding teeth, twitching of the eyes or “tweaking” etc.

Speed is powerful, and isn’t for everyone. The comedown isn’t fun, but is often exaggerated on the internet. Just drink water and sleep. If you take speed first, then smoke weed, weed will bring you down and make everything slower but you will be more aware but eventually you chill out.

Torpedo (regional street term for crack-ocaine and marijuana, presumably used together) --

Cocaine is a naturally derived CNS (central nervous system) stimulant extracted and refined from the Coca plant grown primarily in the Andean region of South America. Cocaine is typically a white-ish powder with a bitter, numbing taste. It is most often insufflated (snorted), though it can also be injected and used orally. 

Note from Amanda: I don’t know how accurate this is, so I would advise you to do your own research on what a “torpedo” actually is but I needed to do the research because my character was to use every drug used by the character Alice from the book Go Ask Alice. Because I’ve already gone over marijuana, I will only review cocaine in this segment.

While powder cocaine can be smoked to some effect (despite common belief otherwise), it is a very inefficient method of ingestion. Because of the high temperatures present when smoking, powder cocaine tends to burn rather than vaporizing. For this reason, freebase cocaine, also known as crack, is created from powder cocaine for smoking. Freebase cocaine vaporizes at smoking temperatures providing more effect with less material, as well as faster onset and a more intense high than powder cocaine.

Effects: euphoria, energy, mega alertness and hubristic confidence, there’s not that much to recommend about coke. Together WITH WEED, you feel so alert, yet so slow and cloudy minded. It also seems that doing the two together makes the high seem a lot longer. 

LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)--

Synthetic chemical which, when taken orally or, less commonly, in the lining of an eyelid or nostril, is the most potent hallucinogen known to the common public. 

One of the cheapest drugs available, it is neither addictive nor physically dangerous. Taken by an intelligent, open-minded person, it can create fantastic revelations and experiences. 

It is not a good party drug, and, in a hostile environment such as a party, it can lead to what is known as a ‘bad trip’, where the person under the influence of the substance in question has an experience which is totally frightening. Fear, depression and anger are accentuated to fill the entire body to a point where entire thought patterns are controlled by these emotions. 

The same accentuation goes for happiness and relaxation, often leading to a state of artificial nirvana, the only difference being that the person is absolutely suggestible and can lose the ability to reason.

The effects are mood-changes, a lot of them, visual tracers, colors, synthesia, and other ‘distortions’ of the senses. With higher doses everything seems to melt, move and change around you. Your thoughts become bizarre and often confused. 

Very low doses give the feeling of being stoned. 

The effects last 8 to 12 hours, depending on the dose and the indifidual. 

Users of LSD may experience some physiological effects, such as:

However, the drug’s major effects are emotional and sensory. The user’s emotions may shift rapidly through a range from fear to euphoria, with transitions so rapid that the user may seem to experience several emotions simultaneously.

LSD also has dramatic effects on the senses. Colors, smells, sounds, and other sensations seem highly intensified. In some cases, sensory perceptions may blend in a phenomenon known as synesthesia, in which a person seems to hear or feel colors and see sounds.

Hallucinations distort or transform shapes and movements, and they may give rise to a perception that time is moving very slowly or that the user’s body is changing shape. On some trips, users experience sensations that are enjoyable and mentally stimulating and that produce a sense of heightened understanding.

Bad trips, however, include terrifying thoughts and nightmarish feelings of anxiety and despair that include fears of insanity, death, or losing control.

Hallucinations can be described as seeing words on the news paper starting to float, eyes bulging out, seeing things…. patterns and textures on the walls and floors that begun to move, staring at one spot for a long time as your whole vision starts to swirl like a whirlpool, light feeling almost as if you have no body .Your view starts to appear like a wave just like when you are under water looking up to the surface… but only that it is much much slower, and symbols start appearing on the walls….

Continued in First POV:

I felt as if the filter of my eyes have been removed… I just stared and I could see the edges of my view, like watching a movie and you can see the corner ofthe screen; the edges of my view started to have tails of color that change and move, much like the tails of tadpoles moving very fast. I stand up and couldn’t walk properly, the room was distorted… I saw the colors change, split… My senses where extremely stimulated. I started to see the walls and floor move and causing friction of sparks in extremely slow motion…like diamonds..shining, it’s hard to explain.


People will usually designate a ‘baby-sitter’ because you can feel either really fearless and think you can fly — which my aunt had a good friend who committed unintentional suicide like that. The baby sitter is basically there to make sure you don’t do anything rash like self-harming. A lot of people can commit suicide on a bad trip because the hallucinations are so bad- so the ‘smart’ ones doing this, will designate a ‘baby sitter’ to keep you from doing anything that could self harm or kill.


LSD is most commonly found on blotting paper, sometimes in sugar cubes, aqueous form, or as small pills called microdots. The threshold is 20mcg (mcg-microgram is one millionth of a gram). In the 60s you could find doses about 500mcg, nowadays a usual dose is around 20-100 mcg, commonly in the lower range. Thus LSD is never sold adulterated, it’s impossible, but it is not uncommon to find other psychoactives such as MDMA laced with LSD.


Come up is 30 min-1 1/2 hr, a trip lasts 6-14 hours depending mainly on dosage. LSD causes blood pressure and heart rate to increase, as well as salivation and perspiration. Extreme emotional changes take place; whether they are good or bad depends on set and setting. Time and space are heavily distorted, surfaces may seem to ripple like water, walls might appear to breathe; sounds are also quite distorted. A crossing of stimuli normally takes place, this means one senses, most commonly, seeing sound, or tasting color. LSD can also cause nausea, panic, and, at much higher doses, psychotomimetic effects.

First POV experience again:

Look at your friends. See the gears turning inside their heads?

Now,look, their faces have red and blue neon stripes on them. 

Look at their eyes, are they whiter than anything you’ve ever seen ? like big glass marbles staring at you. Look at the walls, it’s like looking at a “ever evolving fractile”

I can hear my heart beating.. louder and louder.

Step outside… everything is “alive” with colors… rainbow “auras” surround everything, people walking by, any movement leaves “trails” and “tracers”. Every footstep you take feels like your walking 100 feet at a time (keep on truckin’)The cement and asphalt as well as dirt and trees and grass.. all “swirling” with fractile like appearance. The air smells “heavy”, almost liquid. Your entire body feels strange… everything is “funny”, you can’t stop laughing. You try to express yourself but all you can say is “freaky” and “far out” or “heavy man”…You think you are loosing your mind… no, well yes… how long will this last ? 

Lay back on my bed, Look at the ceiling and watch it “morph” into a giant clown face, laughing at (with) me.

Bad trip:

A bad trip comes with a lot of confusion, a sense of dread (and a feeling it will never end), and scary visuals. In the house I was in, posters on the wall were angry with me and looked really sinister (they were crawling out of the walls), the ceiling was falling in, and strange things were climbing on me trying to eat me. At various times I thought I had turned into a cat (because a cat had sat on my leg and I felt its fur) and that I was dead and made of granite, both terrified me and made me cry for hours.

Your imagination is most likely so vivid it seems real, or at least semi-real, and people having very negative thoughts can have a very negative imagination to the point where they “imagine” (KEY word) things coming to kill or harm them. In reality though, LSD doesn’t produce full-blown hallucinations of monsters coming to slice and dice you, it’s just the vivid imagination. And once the imagination goes down hill, you can’t stop thinking the bad thoughts, thus causing more negative imagery in the mind.

A bad trip contorts the mind into thinking the experience is anything but amazing; it can cause you to feel feelings of sheer horror, suicidal depression, alienation, anger, overwhelming jealousy, hatred, etc. The only way I can explain it is that you feel like everything is going absolutely wrong and everything is life-threatening. You go in circles from one panic-fear state to another. Even things that are not bad you will blow out of proportions because they feel very real to you. 

SALVIA -- (More intense in FEELING than LSD, but same effects with seeing hallucinations and colors and it also lasts shorter)

Salvia Divinorum is a soft-leaved green plant, native to Southern Mexico…Became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world in the early 1990’s. 

Salvia is unscheduled in the United States meaning it is legal to possess and sell… Salvia Divinorum has been added to a list of controlled plants in Australia as of June, 2002. 

Depending on dosage, the Salvia experience can vary from a subtle, just-off-baseline state to a full-blown psychedelic experience. At higher doses users report dramatic time distortion, vivid imagery, encounters with beings, travel to other places, planets or times, living years as the paint on a wall or experiencing the full life of another individual. Needless to say these can be extremely powerful experiences and should only be attempted with a sitter. While most people remain unmoving during the experience, some individuals will attempt to get up and walk around while in a completely dissociated state. 

While sub-threshold effects are somewhat innocuous—leading some people to be cavalier in subsequent experiences—once full effects are achieved, many people find S. divinorum to be unpleasantly overwhelming and more scary than fun. As has been found with pharmaceutical kappa-opioid agonists, salvia is aversive for many who try it.




P.S. A thank you to my friend {blackmambarps} for helping me make this a little more accurate!

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