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I don’t know if anyone has done a guide on this or not but regardless, I decided to make one myself because I have social anxiety too and words don’t even begin to express how much it irritates me when people over-exaggerate or confuse it with something else. With that being said, I wrote this guide in hopes that it’ll help you understand it better and even play your characters a little more realistically.

-- Understanding social anxiety:

Basically, what social anxiety is - is a mental disorder in which the “victim” has an unreasonable fear of social situations and interactions. It is composed of anxiety, otherwise known as intense nervousness, and self-consciousness. People who suffer from this typically dislike being closely watched out of fear of being judged or criticized, and they endlessly worry that they will make a mistake and/or embarrass themselves in front of everyone. Something that will definitely help you with social anxiety is to actually LOOK through the social anxiety tag on Tumblr. It helps, I’m telling you. There’s hundreds of people suffering from it and I feel if you read some of the posts, it’ll help you get a proper idea of what social anxiety truly is. Have a look at this tumblr especially, as it is a blog dedicated entirely to social anxiety.

-- What provokes anxiety:

There are certain things that will make people tick. While they vary for everyone, here are some of the most common things that will make someone become anxious.

-- The main causes of social anxiety. (derived directly from webdm)

-- Other facts of importance.

And now, that is the end of this guide. Hopefully I hoped you understand how to play a character with social anxiety. It was incredibly hard for me to write this, as I mentioned things I normally refuse to tell anyone about myself. Not even my closest friends, and the fact that I’m sharing it with strangers hits home a little bit but that’s alright. If you read this entire guide, you’re great. Thank you and remember that if you need any other information, feel free to inbox me and I’ll try to help you to the best of my abilities.

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